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Temperature Controlled Hazardous Materials

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers with Great Carriers.

As manufacturers of hazardous materials that require careful temperature control, you know how essential it is to have every employee educated and to have strict protocols in place. BM2 Freight continues your commitment the same way—through education and rigorous safety protocols. You need to show due diligence in the manufacture of temperature-controlled hazardous materials; BM2 Freight offers the record-keeping to demonstrate your due diligence all the way through delivery. Our Safety and Compliance Manager works to ensure every shipment has every safety element in place, and to anticipate every contingency. BM2 Freight specializes in moving the kind of freight that many companies shy away from--freight that requires extra care in transport, or additional work prior to or after shipment. When transporting temperature-controlled hazardous materials, all three of those “extras” apply.

Pre-Shipment Discovery

Temperature-controlled hazardous materials require precise handling. At BM2 Freight, we conduct extensive discovery before every shipment of a temperature-controlled hazardous material. We make sure that we understand all aspects that contribute to the safe transportation and delivery of the product. If it is a chemical that needs to remain within a certain temperature gradient to maintain its liquid state, we want to know the temperature span, as well as the ideal temperature. We know that the more completely we understand the nature of the material, the better able we are to transport and deliver it safely. So we make the time to talk through your needs before every shipment.

Extra Care in Transport

BM2 Freight has the best carriers, specialized equipment, and unsurpassed technology to move your temperature-controlled hazardous materials. If your product is reactive to water, we will ensure that the product is sufficiently insulated that no water (not even through condensation) will touch it. If a particular temperature span needs to be maintained, we will customize our TMS to assure the vehicle never deviates above or below it. BM2 Freight has a 32-point safety check that every shipment must pass. Whether you need a heated van or a full refrigerated trailer, BM2 Freight can accommodate your needs.

Post-Delivery Process

Offloading is often ignored, but with temperature-controlled hazardous materials, it is just as important as the transport itself. BM2 Freight works to ensure that the delivery goes as planned, too. Because of the pre-shipment discovery, we will know exactly what to expect and what role our carriers may need to play. We follow up every delivery of temperature-controlled hazardous materials with a phone call to confirm the safe delivery. Then, we adhere to an established wash-out regimen so that the vehicle is ready for its next shipment. Before the shipment begins, through the transport, and after delivery, BM2 Freight takes extra care with its temperature-controlled hazardous materials.