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BM2 Advantage

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers With Great Carriers

BM2 Freight offers our customers the best 3PL shipping service around. We do it by working with trusted carriers, using a customizable Transportation Management System, and developing a corporate culture that prioritizes customer service, transparency, and safety. We specialize in moving the kind of freight that many companies shy away from--freight that requires extra care in transport, or additional work prior to or after shipment. Our expertise comes from experience in Government and Military shipping, Hazmat freight, and Food transportation. If we can regularly and reliably move tanks and ammunition, resin and water treatment chemicals, as well as frozen chickens and refrigerated produce, we can move anything. It’s the BM2 Freight Advantage: A Cut Above the Rest

Trusted Carriers

Our carriers are the best in the business. We know that because we have built relationships with our carriers over the years, and because we follow a special onboarding system with each and every load. Our carriers verify that they are ELD compliant, and every carrier, every driver goes through the BM2 Freight vetting system. We have the carrier base and capacity to get the job done, no matter what needs transporting where.

Customizable TMS

Our TMS automatically checks that everything is in order with the carrier, the product, and the route. It already tracks compliance with the FMCSA including Hours of Services / Electronic Logging Device so when all its protocols become required December 18, 2017, we don't need to change a thing. The TMS ensures that nobody has the option to make a bad judgment anywhere along the transportation line—pre-boarding, on route, and post-delivery.

Corporate Culture

BM2 Freight has developed a corporate culture based on customer service, transparency, and safety. We’re proactive—already using carriers that are ELD compliant, already observing protocols under the FMSA. Our leadership team includes a Safety Compliance Manager, and we encourage continuing education. Our people are HAACP-certified, FEMA certified, and are Certified Transportation Brokers under TIA.

We have the best carriers, the best technology, and a corporate culture that values education, transparency, and customer service. We belong to the SmartWay Transport Partnership, demonstrating our execution of logistics in the most environmentally responsible way, and we are members of the Produce Marketing Association since we take our role in the supply chain so seriously. The BM2 Freight Advantage: A Cut Above the Rest.

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