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Temperature Control – Food

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers with Great Carriers.

We know the particular requirements of food transportation. We are experts on the FMSA (Food Modernization Safety Act), and ensure our carriers adhere to its exacting standards. We understand that food safety needs to be absolute, from farm to fork. We take our role as food distributors and our part in the food chain of custody very seriously. That’s why Fortune 500 producers, retailers, and restaurants trust us with their food transportation needs.

BM2 Freight: Creating a Culture of Food Safety

We know all the rules and regulations governing food transportation, and that informs our corporate culture. It’s not just lip service at BM2 Freight; our founder, Matt Mason, is our HACCP Certified compliance officer. We encourage everyone on our team, whether internal project managers or external individual carriers, to voice any concerns, or offer suggestions for improvement. Food is one of the most basic human needs, and we see food transportation safety as a moral imperative, as well as good business practice.

BM2 Freight: Customizing our TMS for Food Transportation

Our commitment shows in our TMS too. We have tailored it to include FSMA compliance. We track prior commodity loads, enforce clean-out protocols, and of course, monitor temperature control. We know that our food producers, retailers, and restaurants are looking to us as the right partner to manage their food transportation needs. And we’re looking to our carriers as the right partners to uphold our high standards for food transportation. We work with qualified carriers and incorporate food safety processes as part of the key performance indicators.

BM2 Freight: Promoting Operational Excellence in Food Transportation

We vet our carriers before accepting them as part of our network, and we engage in active, ongoing evaluation. We undertake hazard analysis, institute preventive controls, and implement verification systems. Food that is transported in bulk (like juice) has different needs than food that is partially enclosed (like fresh produce). Both of those kinds of foods have different requirements from food that relies on precise temperature control (like fresh poultry). When the food remains the same high quality product, the shipper is happy, the receiver is happy, the carrier is happy, and we are happy.