BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.

Expedited Shipping

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers with Great Carriers.

When things go awry, and you have expedited freight that absolutely must be delivered without delay, we are your expedited shipping experts. Our people are problem solvers, and they use their creativity, experience, and knowledge to resolve the situation. We have the network resources to find the fastest transport. With BM2 Freight, it’s not a catastrophe; it’s a barely noticeable blip. Whether you need to get necessary machine parts to repair equipment on site, or you’re transporting essential medical supplies, we will work hard and fast to figure out how to accomplish the mission.

BM2 Freight: Recognizing Reliability Matters Most

With expedited shipping, more than any other kind of shipping, dependability is utterly essential. BM2 Freight has proven reliability when it comes to meeting demanding deadlines; that’s why manufacturers, retailers, and distributors trust us. And small, LTL shippers do too. We partner with a large, qualified network of carriers, so we have the resources to problem-solve all kinds of situations. We enjoy the challenge of time-sensitive delivery, even time-definite delivery. And we never promise what we can’t provide.

BM2 Freight: Focusing on Communication and Tracking

Give us the essential information--what, where, when--and we’ll do the rest. We figure out the best way for your expedited freight to arrive at its destination by your deadline, and we’ll make sure that you can track it as it gets there. We provide web tracing and tracking in real time, so you never have to wonder how (or whether) it’s going. BM2 Freight wants you to see the precise execution that your freight gets.

BM2 Freight: Providing Competitive Pricing for Breakneck Speeds

We understand that timing is the primary focus for our shippers. Still, we take pride in offering these extraordinary services at realistic prices. Often, our clients are surprised at the rates we can quote. While price can never be the deciding factor in expedited shipping, it’s good to know that BM2 Freight keeps costs as low as possible.