BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.

Dry Van Freight Services

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers with Great Carriers.

Our team has experience moving Dry Van freight all over the 48 States and Canada, hauling a wide variety of products. Whether you’re moving plastic bottles, canned goods, retail supplies, or hazardous materials, we partner with Dry Van carriers that will exceed your standards.

BM2 Freight: Getting your Product from Point A to Point B Intact and in Good Time.

We move Dry Van freight all over North America. Dry Van means that your cargo is protected from the weather; rain, sun, snow, dust, none of it diminishes the quality of your products. Most goods need only Dry Van transportation, and BM2 Freight makes sure you have the right carrier for your particular product. We can move building supplies, consumer goods, plastics, textiles, machine parts. We can move food that doesn’t require temperature control or special care (for Temperature Control Transport, click here).

BM2 Freight: Acting as your Compliance Managers.

BM2 Freight works closely with our dry van freight carriers to ensure that all the many and various rules and regulations are understood, implemented, and ongoing. Federal regulations come from FMCSA, FHA, and OSHA, to name a few. We make sure that our dry van carriers are at the top of the industry in adherence to all rules and regulations. BM2 Freight checks with Watchdog groups on an ongoing basis to assure basic registry and insurance requirements are current. All that means that whatever your cargo--plastic bottles, canned goods, retail supplies, building products--you can have confidence in your transportation system.

BM2 Freight: Partnering with Quality Carriers.

We have developed a network of compliant, fully vetted carriers. BM2 Freight continuously audits its carriers. And it’s not just about federal regulations. We look at our carriers’ on time performance, their damage record, their billing accuracy, and their communication. We have high standards that a carrier must demonstrate in order to become part of our network. Every time we tender a load, we check the carrier’s scorecard performance. At BM2 Freight, we partner with dry van freight carriers that are vetted, qualified, and evaluated.