BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.

Drayage Carriers

At BM2 Freight, We Connect Great Shippers with Great Carriers.

When you’re bringing goods into the country and you need to get them from the port or border to the warehouse or rail line, we can help. We have access to a range of specialized Drayage equipment, including the “any-sizer” tri-axle chassis. Whether you’re trying to move a typical 20’ shipping container, or something a bit out of the ordinary, we can find the perfect drayage carriers for the job.

BM2 Freight: Providing Drayage Carriers Wherever You Need Them

We service all ports and container yards throughout the contiguous 48 states. Whether you want cargo moved from the Port of Baltimore to a warehouse nearby, or you have containers at the rail lines in Kansas City that need short distance transport, we have the appropriate, qualified, vetted carrier. Our drayage carriers do this specialized work routinely; that’s what makes them the best.

BM2 Freight: Offering Expertise in Atypical Loads

We pride ourselves on finding the right solution to any problem. If you have cargo that is oversized, overweight, or over dimension, there’s no cause for concern. We can move it. We have experience with TEUs and FEUs. You might have a load of scrap metal that just defies categorization; it doesn’t defy movement. It can’t be too big or too heavy; we can transport it.

BM2 Freight: Paying Attention to Temperature Control

Drayage may mean moving freight over short distances, but even a brief lapse of attention to temperature-controlled cargo can mean disaster. We are experts when it comes to moving food, both refrigerated and frozen. We know that the FSMA applies at all stages, including Drayage, and we work with our carrier partners to assure shippers of regulation compliance. If you’re moving chemicals that require precise temperature monitoring, we can do that too.