BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.

Government And Military

BM2 Freight understands the needs of governmental and military organizations for efficient, hassle-free transportation. We have undergone the approval process to work with federal, state, and military organizations. We provide complete transparency, excellent communication, and most importantly, top-notch transportation service. If you’re looking for trusted transportation, BM2 Freight has the experience you need. Whether it is the U.S. Army or Tulsa City, BM2 Freight makes the transportation trouble-free.

Working With Our Government

BM2 Freight has been approved through the General Services Administration to transport material for federal entities. We have moved furniture, food, and ammunition for the Federal Bureau of Prisons; we can move food and disaster relief supplies for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). When any federal agency needs freight moved, BM2 Freight is happy to help. Whether the freight is building products or bullets, BM2 Freight provides reliable, efficient services.

Partnering With Our Military

BM2 Freight is an Approved Supplier though the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC). The U.S. military has bases throughout the United States, and when it needs material to get from one place to another, BM2 Freight is there. We have transported tanks from Georgia to California, and ammunition from Texas to Pennsylvania. Whether the cargo is food, furniture, or armaments, BM2 Freight has the right equipment, the necessary approvals, and the experience to get the job done.

Serving State and Local Governments

BM2 Freight has gone through the necessary approval procedures to be a recognized transportation service for a number of states. And if your state is not one of them, we will do the work required to become one. We work with local municipalities as well; if your city or county needs someone to move material, BM2 Freight can fulfill your needs. You name it, we’ve moved it.