BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.

Freight Forwarding

BM2 Freight specializes in transportation for freight forwarders – we understand freight forwarding, its issues, urgency, and demands for a higher level of professionalism, communication, coordination, and service. In order to be a genuine partner to our freight forwarder clients, we have worked to have the precise carrier you need exactly when you need it. Whether it is across state lines or international borders, BM2 Freight can make the delivery happen.


BM2 Freight understands that freight forwarders need capacity of all varieties on short notice. We meet that need. We have forged relationships with carriers that have straight trucks, cargo vans, refrigerated trucks, flatbeds, container chassis, and dry vans all over the United States and Canada. We specialize in finding capacity on the shortest lead times. Whether large or small, requiring refrigeration or hazmat, we have the carriers and make the deadlines. We have moved furniture, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive components and electronics. We have moved large pieces of industrial equipment on RGNs as well as containers on chassis cross country. We know that being a freight forwarder means your portfolio of products is extensive and variable, so we make sure our service options are too. We pride ourselves on understanding your business, and having the capacity to meet your needs.


BM2 Freight offers unparalleled service to our freight forwarder clients. We make sure that communication is clear and consistent; that way coordination is seamless. BM2 Freight values attention to detail, and understands the necessity of accurate documentation. Urgency is more than a buzzword with us, it’s a directive. We work with reciprocity, too. Our other clients regularly have air and international transportation needs and we go to our freight forwarder clients so we can give back business to those that trust us with theirs. We know our freight forwarder clients, and know that they share our commitment to on-time delivery. It is through mutual service and commitment that trust is built, and that trust and integrity are the basis of the business that BM2 Freight provides.

Experience and Specialization

Freight forwarding is one of the most difficult logistics services. More people are involved in a typical freight forwarding shipment - 10 to 14 people as opposed to 3 to 4 people on a domestic over the road shipment, as well as more locations, documents, modalities, and systems.

With each each additional handoff, the potential for damage, loss, or delay increases. With freight traversing various cultures, languages, time zones, and systems, freight forwarders need to navigate a complex landscape. With so much hassle, so much potential for something to go wrong, the last thing a freight forwarder needs is a struggle with domestic transportation. BM2 Freight can eliminate that concern. Because planes and boats don’t wait, you need a transportation provider who understands the business and works with you to provide exceptional, on-time deliveries.

With clear and consistent communication and excellent shipment visibility, BM2 Freight is your best option. We want to earn your business, so we have learned your business. That is why BM2 Freight is a leader servicing freight forwarders. If you’re looking for trusted transportation of any type with little notice, BM2 Freight is the partner you need. No matter your equipment need, BM2 Freight makes the transportation trouble-free.