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3PL Brokerage Sales


3PL brokerage sales     THE NEW PROFESSIONAL 

Self-motivated, cooperative, driven, and hungry- BM2 is carving a reputation as the business delivering above typical 3PL brokerage sales. We strive for transparent communication and respect; the employee found at the heart of all we do. We care not about what you wear or where you come from; our concern is how you do business and where you are going. We look for driven, coachable individuals ready to dive in and develop as principled professionals in the fast-paced, lucrative field of logistics and 3PL brokerage sales.


3PL brokerage sales    THE NEW LEADER

We expect a lot from our team. Likewise, our men and women should expect an environment complete with unyielding support and resources to cultivate growth as an expert in logistics. We take a vested interest to see each member of our team flourishes to the best of his or her ability.


  • Gives credit where credit is due.
  • Does not initiate out of fear, but inspires enthusiasm to get the job done well.
  • Empowers our team to exceed conventional expectations.


3PL brokerage sales  JOIN THE BM2 CREW 

We own our own success and so should you! Our competitive, yet collaborative environment provides the ideal setting to foster invaluable communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills under professionals well-seasoned in 3PL brokerage sales. In the role of Account Manager you also have unlimited earning potential; getting out what energy and perseverance you are willing to put into your work.

But what is work without a little bit of play? Nine miles away from downtown Cincinnati, our team embraces the need for incentives outside of the workplace. From monthly happy hours to rooting for local sports teams, BM2 goes to great lengths to make sure employees are appreciated. We value the importance of work done well and rewards done right.


Paid gym membership                        Base salary+ commission
Casual work environment                Medical, dental, and vision insurance
Organized training                               401k contribution with company match

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