BM2 Freight Services provides a portfolio of services that makes us a one-stop shop in today’s world of transportation.



BM2 Freight was founded on the principle that treating both sides of the brokerage equation with respect and cooperation is paramount. With that in mind, we recognize the importance of long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and strive to work with like-minded carriers.

When sourcing partner carriers, we look not only at rates, but search for quality carriers who share our dedication to customer service and integrity. Regardless of the pick up location or destination, our goal is simple: Get the job done as quick as possible, as well as possible, and as clear as possible every single time.

Partner Benefits Include:

Help Available Around the Clock

We understand that your time is valuable. We staff our office around the clock, so no matter what someone is available to answer questions or assist with any problems. Even if the broker you’re working with is unavailable the moment you call, one of our team members will work to assist you, so you won’t have to wait.

Superior Credit Rating

When you partner with BM2, you can rest assured that you’ll be paid and according to the agreed upon terms. We have an A rating with TransCredit and are an Internet Truckstop Diamond Broker, carrying a $75,000 bond.

Fuel Advances

To assist with upfront costs, we offer fuel advances to our trusted partner carriers who have hauled for us at least once.

Quickpay Options

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait to be paid, so we offer quick pay option for our partners. For a nominal fee, we can expedite payment with options ranging from 1-7 days.

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